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The start of the rest of my life. My Story

So here is my first blog. What a great way to launch, on my birthday, when this journey all started....back in 2015, the day before my 29th birthday. The previous month, I just celebrated by wedding day to my beautiful wife. October rolled around and we begun shopping for our honeymoon in Vegas, a step together living together, worried free as husband and wife. It was the 19th of October and we were just out at our local shopping centre when suddenly I begun to feel bad pains in my back, the feeling felt like sharp knifes stabbing my back, I was crippled over in pain and all I wanted was a doctor. little did I know what was about to come of this.

My wife, frantically paced the shopping centre looking for the local general practitioner to see if we could see a doctor stat. I just somehow managed to make my way to the bathroom, where I needed to wee... this is where I knew something was up.. I looked down and saw that my urine was black... black like Coke Cola. I was then concerned. I raced out for the bathroom to find Jessice, my wife standing outside. Before she could open her mouth, I explained what I just had witnessed and said... " We need to get to a hospital fast!" So off we raced, up to the Emergency Department at the closest hospital.

After many scans, a couple of jabs for blood tests and few hours of waiting, and a second opinion by another specialist, I was diagnosed with cancer, the big C. There was a 10.5cm tumour in my left kidney and the kidney needed to be removed. With time of work and months of recovery and lots of replanning we reset themselves and set off again on the road as newly weds and enjoyed our beautiful honeymoon at the end of January 2016.

How did my life change? hear me out.... Everything 3 months I needed to have scans and checks up to make sure there was no signs of any cancer and that my remaining kidney was functioning well. News couldn't get any better, but in fact I did. The news came that I was going to have my first child, becoming a father just made life even grand. Come February, I was ready to become a father. 2017 rolled in and the excitement of becoming a father grew grander and sooner did I know, so did the cancer in my body.

Just like every 3 months, I continued to have scans, blood test and check ups. I thought I would get the all clear and be sent on my way to continue to prepare for the birth of my first born baby due in the coming week. Sadly this was not the case, the scans showed multiple cancer's this time, in his remaining kidney the largest being 3.5cm. This was aggressive cancer.

My life had had now changed!

On Tuesday the 14th of February, after further testing and scans and lots of doctor visits, surgery was booked for February 20th...the day it all begun. Jessica was inducted the following day and on Thursday the 16th of February the best feeling ever happened....the birth of my incredible life changing son, Chase Allan Foley arrived in my arms. I was lucky and grateful to spend 3 amazing and wonderful days with Chase and Jessica before Monday rolled around.

It was the day of surgery.

This is where I go blank. The last thing I remember, laying in a bed being prepped and prepared by many nurses, Jessica came to visit and then I was wheeled into theatre. After this, I don't know what happened. To be honest, this was the scariest moment I've ever encountered. I did not know what the outcome of this 5 hour plus surgery would face.

2 and a half years on after this life changing surgery, Im grateful and so ever thankful for all doctors, nurses and everyone involved saving my life. After removing my second kidney due to cancer, I now have regular dialysis to keep me alive and healthy. What people don't realise is, without any kidneys I don't pee at all! Weird right?

Where am I at now? Im still on dialysis, 3 days a week for 5 hours. I still have 3 month scans and check ups and I still have cancer in my body. I am and from now on will continue living my life with this chronic illness but I won't let this slow me down or defeat me. I will continue to live my life to the fullest and enjoy every second, every moment of every day, whether Im working, coaching rugby, playing with son or living my dreams from my bucket list. I will wake up every morning, set out of bed and instead of asking "Why me" I will stamp my foot and yell "Try me"

My blog will share the highs in my life and it'll share the lows in my life. Im writing this blog for may reason but the main reason, I want to share my life journey. Life is too short, Exist to Inspire, Love for the moment. Whatever it takes!!

This is MY story!

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