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Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

'Twas the night before Christmas 2019, when all through the house, everyone was preparing for Christmas day ahead. I sat upon my chair, recovering and resting after my dialysis session as I do feel washed out from the 5 hour sitting. However pondering for the 5 hours, it made me look over the year and what 2019 had brought. This year has held some of the happiest and saddest moments I've ever experienced.

Come December 24th 2019 and looking back, I did not expect I would be doing some of the things I am doing. Like living everyday of my life to the fullest, writing a blog and sharing my high's and low's. I didn't think I would expect to live the rest of my life on dialysis, not to receive a transplant or to even know that my life expectancy isn't the average of a normal healthy human being. But then, I knew I had friends, but friends that cared so gratefully towards myself and my family to reach into their pockets and donates hundreds of dollars to be able to send my family and myself on a cruise vacation away to New Zealand and Sydney..

I don't like to look back and dwell on all the low points but I'm now one to believe that the low's in your life turn into some of the biggest high's and even make you into a much better person. 2019 wasn't the worse year but it also wasn't the best, however I do know for a fact that come 2020 whatever it decides to bring, I know one thing for sure its going to be a good year. And it kicked off right, when I was able to face off and beat my best mate in the Championship playoff in NFL fantasy football. Making me a 3 time Fantasy football champion. Not one to brag..but I will sign autogaphs later.

I haven't really been one too go into the New year with a list of New Year Resolutions or I haven't really been one to set goals to achievement, but like I mentioned earlier, I didn't expect to be writing blogs, sharing moments etc but going into next year, I decided I will write and come up with some resolutions. And yes, I will share them here in my blog, that way, all you readers and followers can keep me honest with my 2020 resolutions.

I thought before I sign off for the year, get ready for Christmas with my family. I'd recap my high's and low's of 2019, share some of my favourite memories and of course, my 2020 New Years Resolutions. Starting with the Low's because well, we don't want to finish on a down... High's are much better to finish with..

2019 Low's

- Lost hours and was made to take a pay cut at work.

- Cancer returned to myself in lungs, doctors gave life expectancy (screw the life expectancy)

- Cancer within extended family

- Air con in car shat itself right in the middle of QLD heatwave

2019 High's

- My incredible friends and family put on an amazing fundraiser to raise money for a cruise holiday.

- Didn't achieve my dream goal of 80kg by end of year but the closest I got was 88kg.

- Starting and writing this blog!

- Becoming a 3 time NFL Fantasy Football Champion (seems nerdy but its something I love playing)

- Being able to attend by myself Chase's Tumbletastic Kindergym and see Chase do what he loves

- Successful year rugby coaching and then being appointed Grades Co ordinator and Head Coach

- Getting my first tattoo

While there was much more high's, the low's were a really big kick in the guts. But like I said, the low's make you into such a better person and I truly believe they have and they will. And Im really looking forward to heading into 2020 and taking on the new year full guns blaring. With saying that, here is my New Years resolutions.

New Years Resolutions

- Get my weight down to 85kgs

- Purchase and Read 2 books (Life is Magic by Jon Dorenbos & The Jersey: Secrets behind the world most successful rugby team, The All Blacks)

- Get out, spend more time with friends and family. Be seen more, do more, party more!

- Open up my feelings more.

- Be more patient

- Try and become 4 time fantasy football champion. Even try teach my best mate to football

- Win a Rugby Premiership as coach and develop my coaching skills

So there it list and I hope as readers and followers, your able to help and keep me honest with my list. I also how, its able to help you with your list of new year resolutions for the upcoming year and for years to come. And so with that...

Happy Christmas to all, and all a good night! Happy New year and looking forwards to 2020 with you all.

Much Love xx


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