Hi. Im Brendan. Im a lover of all sports worldwide, my family and friends and a not so great writer.


I live in Brisbane, Australia. I work one day a week supporting people with disabilities. I spend Monday, Wednesday, Friday on diaylsis. I have an amazing supporting wife and a incredibly adoring son. Two of the most wonderful people who I can’t live without. 


With all the formalities out of the way, Welcome to Brendan’s Life Journey! This is my first time blogging. On this blog I want to share my lstory, my life, my thoughts and just bits and pieces of my journey through life from my eyes.


I am currently living with a chronic illness in cancer.  I lost both my kidneys to cancer and now living on dialysis 3 days a weeks for 5 hours.  


Reason why I am starting and writing this blog is because I want to show everyone who reads this, comes across this or even shared by someone and anyone out there that even living with a chronic illness, you shouldn’t ever let it get you down.  Life’s too short, Exist to inspire, live for the moment and make sure your happy with what you’ve done with life.. Take the time, do thing for yourself, with friends and family.. Whatever it takes. 


Thank you for reading my blogs and allowing me to share my stories and life with you all.. 


Much Love



"Don’t count the days; make the days count."
       - Muhammad Ali

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